TWIN-PATH® Adjustable Bridle Sling

The Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridle is the ultimate multiple use rigging tool. It can be used in applications where a standard two-leg or four leg bridle is used with the added advantage of self-adjustment to awkward loads. The Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridle self-adjusts over the center of gravity to find the lifting point. The Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridle can also be used as a complete rigging tool for choker, vertical, or basket hitches. The use of two or more Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridles facilitates lifts with multiple lifting points.

U.S. PATENT #4,850,629 Canadian Patent #1,280,458

The Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridle Sling is a multi-purpose rigging tool and it’s important that it is used properly. The adjustment ring has a double sling on one side and a single sling on the other side.






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