Ratchet Lashings are used for tying down loads whilst transporting , shifting or moving them. They have replaced traditional jute ropes, chains and wires used for transportation and for a variety of other applications.

The main advantages of ratchet lashings are :

  • Load restraint using a tensioning device (ratchet)
  • Effective and safe control of loads whilst transportation
  • Extremely quick and efficient tie down and release of load thus saving time.
  • No damage to the load being tied down.

They are available in a large variety of configurations of different ratchets (of various capacities) and end fittings. Pictures shown here are only indicative and not exhaustive.

ABS Ratchet
5000kg MBS
Higher pre-tension, Patented progressive release.
'Easi Grip' handle

Ergo ABS Ratchet
5000kg MBS

The latest ABS controlled
release ratchet
Wide Handle Ratchet
5000Kg MBS

Long wide handle. Easy to use
Transport lock
Storage Winch
4000 Kg MBS

Rugged construction, stores
up to 12 meters.
Separate Tommy bar.

Industrial gas bottle
Special design windscreen pallet restraint assemblies Gas sphere restraint assemblies
Restraint of bridge sections on
transporter vehicle
Restraint of supplementary fuel
cells on the main battle tank
showing 'SECUTEX' in use.






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