Disclaimer: These bulletins represent data and information analysis available at the time each bulletin was written. Please note the date for the individual sections. Always contact the manufacturer with any questions or for the most current technical information.
Tech Bulletin   #3   Pin Sizes for Twin-Path® Extra Slings

Tech Bulletin   #5   The Case for HPF(High Performance Fiber) Synthetic Slings

Tech Bulletin   #6   Twin-Path® Extra Slings (TPXC) vs. Braided Polyester Slings

Tech Bulletin   #7   Sling Breaks- Cascade vs. Catastrophic
Tech Bulletin   #8   Fiber on Fiber Abrasion Testing
Tech Bulletin   #9   Cycle Testing- 50,000 pulls
Tech Bulletin #13   Fiber stretch- K-Spec® vs. Polyester
Tech Bulletin #14   Boron Exposure on Twin-Path® Slings
Tech Bulletin #16   Gator-Max & Gator Laid Slings
Tech Bulletin #20   Cut Strands: Twin-Path® vs. Single Path
Tech Bulletin #21   K-Spec® Characteristics vs. Other Fibers
Tech Bulletin #23   Abrasion & Cut Protection
Tech Bulletin #27   HPF Cordage Rope vs. Twin-Path® Extra Slings
Tech Bulletin #29   Cleaning Program - Twin-Path® Slings
Tech Bulletin #33   Strenth Retention of Used Twin-Path® Slings
Tech Bulletin #34   Cold Temperature Effect on K-Spec® Core Yarn

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